Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kew Gardens Hills Presentation

Lectures by Rabbi Natan Slifkin in Kew Gardens Hills this Sunday, August 9th

7:45 pm (following mincha at 7:30 pm)
One People, Two Religions: Rationalism vs. Mysticism

9 pm (following maariv at 8:45 pm)
Worlds in Collision: The Dynamics of a Ban

Congregation Etz Chaim
147-19 73rd Ave, Kew Gardens Hills, NY 11367
The lectures are for men and women
Entrance Admission: $10 for one lecture, $15 for both

Download a flyer here


  1. R' Slifkin,

    Do you have any speaking engagements scheduled in New Jersey?


  2. You can see my schedule at zootorah.blogspot.com

  3. "One People, Two Religions: Rationalism vs. Mysticism"

    I actually know a highly regarded rabbi of whom it might be said, "One /Person/, Two Religions: Rationalism and Mysticism"


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