Friday, June 12, 2009

IMPORTANT CORRECTION Re: The Kannoim Strike Again

Earlier today I noted that B'Toraso Shel R' Gedaliah has been removed from, and I said that I presumed that this was as a result of protests by kannoim.
I was contacted by a representative of who said that the removal of B'Toraso Shel R Gedaliah was not at the behest of kannoim who were bothered by its content, but rather because there were complaints that Rav Shilat's sefer was not authorized or approved by Rav Nadel's family. HebrewBooks does not want to get involved in complex rights issues and therefore removed the sefer.
I am glad that this was the reason, and I wish HebrewBooks continued success in their incredible work.

Meanwhile, if you missed downloading the sefer, I have another scan of it available here, with the approval of Rav Shilat.


  1. Natan,

    Although I generally resent you and all you stand for, I feel obligated to point out that an entire online discussion regarding the exclusion of controversial books from HebrewBooks can be found here.

    Beginning with the last 2 posts on page 12, the debate rages on on pgs. 13-14; הלבן = Berel Levin (the librarian at the Chabad Library)'s apparent conclusion was to remove any recent books containing objectionable material.

  2. Thanks for the link. I'm intrigued to hear that not only do you resent everything I stand for, but you resent me too!

  3. Can we assume that R. Shilat approved putting the copy up at If so, perhaps it can be sent to google books and other sites that don't censor.

  4. Yes, Rav Shilat has approved of its dissemination. But I am not sure if Google Books allows a non-copyright holder (i.e. anyone other than Rav Shilat himself) to upload it.

  5. So I just read the excerpt a few pages back and I'm impressed.

    All this time I thought the Torah was went to be taken completely literally without any thought that the simple words might be conveying something deeper. Gosh, who knew?



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